Bloomington couple fights back against armed intruder

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A Bloomington couple took on an armed intruder after the man broke into their home this week in the 800 block of West 12th Street.

Bloomington Police have not located the suspect, who got away after the couple fought back against him.

"I must have hit him because there's blood," said Skot Giles as he pointed to the door of his Bloomington home.

It's the same door his family goes in and out of every day.

It's the same door that also has three bullet holes in it now.

"This bullet came straight through the door," said Giles, pointing to the hole.

"This one broke the first plane of glass and bounced off the second and so did this one," he said pointing to two more holes.

The blood and bullet holes are all reminders of the armed intruder Giles said surprised his fiance in their home this week, early Tuesday morning when she went to check on a noise she heard in the living room.

"When she came out, he stood up with a shot gun and said, 'give me all your money,'" said Giles.

"She started screaming. Ran to the bedroom screaming, 'Scott someone has a gun! Someone's in the house,'" remembered Giles.

Before Giles could get grab his own gun, he said the suspect had him at gun point, a shot gun at his head.

"It's horrible to wake up to some freak in your house with a shot gun," said Giles.

"He had a bandana on. He had a hoodie and he had face paint. He had painted his face," remembered Giles.

The suspect demanded Giles wallet and ordered him to open a safe in the bedroom.

"He told me I had to the count of three or he's going to blow my bleeping head off," said Giles.

He said the intruder was so focused on him, he forgot about Giles' fiance.

"We had a walking stick. She grabbed that and she had the chance and just baseball swung on him," said Giles.

That, gave Giles just enough time to grab his gun as the intruder turned on Giles fiance and their children, who'd woken up because of the noise.

"She had her arms out trying to protect the kids," said Giles of his fiance.

"He's saying, 'I'm going to blow your 'effin head off,'" Giles remembered the intruder yelling.

"That's when I pointed the gun. He swung to pull the shot gun on me and I just started firing," said Giles.

Giles said the intruder took off out the door, leaving a trail of his blood in the snow as he ran away.

"There were speckles right here and dots that went out to the alley," said Giles.

That's the last time Giles saw the suspect as he ran from his home.

"It angers me that he got away and it angers me that he would do that with children in the house. I mean, who does that?" Giles asked.

Giles said he wasn't sorry he used his gun.

"I wanted to get him before he got us," he explained.

Giles said he'd do it again.

"I wanted to save my family. That's what's precious to me," Giles added.