Blizzard poses challenge for drivers

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Thousands of drivers heeded the warnings Wednesday and stayed off the roads as a blizzard moved in. For those who braved the elements, it was a lesson in patience.

Despite numerous warnings, the winter weather caught drivers by surprise at the I-70/I-465 east interchange. Dozens of vehicles, including 18-wheelers, were spinning their wheels over a sheet of ice that lurked under the new-fallen snow.

Jeremy almost made it home in his brand new sports car, but the ice stopped him, too.

"Got stuck there, I was able to slide up here. Beyond this point, I haven't been able to move," he said.

We asked him if he had four-wheel drive.

"No, not on a Mustang!" he said.

By mid-morning, there was a long line of vehicles backed up in the area, and icy ramps proved to be a problem all day on Indianapolis-area highways.

On main roads and side streets, it was the same scene: drivers often needed a push to get unstuck or up that hill.

Despite the travel advisory, Michelle Young went to the Target in Fishers with Christmas returns. She was hoping for short lines at the checkout.

"Usually they're horrible the day after Christmas, so with this weather I could probably return my items easier. There was only one other person in line. It was great," she said, holding her hood up against the blizzard-force winds.

All day, the snow combined with high winds created a challenge not only behind the wheel but for anyone outside. In many cases, people said they were more worried about other, less experienced drivers than they were about their own ability to navigate their cars in the snow.

"Some people don't understand how slick it is, especially when I have my kids. I know I'm gonna drive as safe as I can," said Jennifer Burdine, mother. "There's some crazy drivers out there."

"Drive slow. Take your time. The best advice is to stay in the house," said Tone Lewis.