Blizzard forces show dog owners to change plans

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At the Indiana State Fairgrounds The Indy Winter Classic is a big draw in the canine world, and for many, it's a stop on the way to Westminster in New York City.

This year, getting to one of the most renowned dog shows in the country could be a bit tricky since New York is covered in a thick blanket of snow.

"All of the handlers who are going on to Westminster have kept a close eye on the weather out east but some were so concerned, they've left early," explained Ryan Wolfe from Goshen Indiana and will head to New York City Sunday.

"My partners already there so she is already checked into the hotel," Wolfe said.

Holley Eldred was registered through Sunday here in Indianapolis but changed her plans.

"We decided to go ahead and cancel our flight and go ahead and drive with just one dog and a four-wheel drive vehicle we rented," said Eldred.

Nina Fetter also plans to head to Westminster, but she's not as concerned and plans on staying in Indy through Sunday. "The weather should be fine by tomorrow," said Fetter.

According to their website, Westminster is a go despite the blizzard. Bryan Martin says this show has contended with weather before and is too important to cancel.

"Not Westminster it's too big they've got too big of an investment to call that one off," said Martin.

Since the show will go on, Eldred says they will take their time but one way or another, they'll get there.

"I actually have a mastiff that I show that's about 230 pounds and he will get me through the snow I promise you we will get there one way or another! If I have to ride him we will get there," said Eldred.