Blizzard forces shoppers to change post-Christmas plans

Many convenience and grocery stores were cleaned out of essentials.
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The blizzard has changed plans for everyone, especially people who planned to return Christmas presents or take advantage of after-Christmas sales.

Grocery stores saw a brisk business from shoppers who braved the storm.

Slick roads and white out conditions left the few drivers who went out, digging out and going nowhere fast.

"I'm going to shovel myself cause we'll be stuck if I don't," said one driver in Greenwood.

The normal post-Christmas rush for returns at the mall was nonexistent.

Parking lots stood empty, since Simon Mall announced all stores would be closed due to weather.

But many of those who did brave the elements, were at the supermarket searching for supplies - families stocking up on food to get them through.

"On the list is Kool-aid, spaghetti sauce, mozzarella sauce. We're making lasagna," said shopper Leah Beetz, Greenwood. "We really have what we need at home, but since we were going out anyway to take a snowblower to a friend, we grabbed some items while we were here, yeah."

While the Beetz family stocked up on treats and staples, workers at Marsh replenished what shoppers already bought for the blizzard.

Some shelves, especially in the bread aisle, were nearly bare.

But it wasn't just the necessities. Supermarket staffers say the biggest crowd was actually around six in the morning with people lined up for beer, which they couldn't buy until 7am.

As for snow clearing supplies, the Greenwood Marsh still had salt, shovels and ice melt late Wednesday afternoon, even after other stores had sold out.

And families say the extra food will help them bear the blizzard's aftermath inside, safe at home.