Bittersweet farewell for Jim Nabors at Indy 500

Jim Nabors turns 84 next month.
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It was a bittersweet day for Indianapolis 500 fans Sunday as they watched Jim Nabors sing "Back Home Again in Indiana" for the last time at the race.

Nicole Misencik interviewed Jim during WTHR's race day morning show. She asked him who he'd like to see sing "Back Home Again in Indiana" after he retires.

"The only thing I can think of is, I'd rather the fans sing it. They should just sing it with all their heart and that would make it good," he said.

Jim says he never rehearses the song.

Jim stayed away from winner predictions. "I just pray for a safe race and I love all the kids. They're all kids to me, the drivers."

His favorite memory?

"I think, yes, the first time I sang. After I sang and had the reception I got, I became a Hoosier immediately! It's a wonderful place. I wouldn't mind living here."

Of course, we wouldn't mind having him!

His final message to fans?

"Send my best love to everybody. They've been so nice to me all these years."