Bisard's attorneys reportedly close to plea deal in second DUI


Former Indianapolis police officer David Bisard is reportedly close to a possible plea deal in his second drunk driving trial.

Last month, a jury in Fort Wayne convicted Bisard of driving drunk on duty and causing an August 2010 accident that killed a motorcycle rider and seriously injured two others. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison in the case.

Bisard's lawyer, John Kautzman, says nothing significant will come out of a meeting Tuesday, but court papers filed Monday show plea deal efforts are underway.

Kautzman wrote that within 30 days, the "parties then anticipate requesting the court to set the matter for guilty plea hearing."

Bisard's lawyer and the prosecutor say there is no deal yet on the DUI charge that was filed last spring after Bisard crashed his truck. At the time, he was awaiting trial for the 2010 drunk driving case.

"For all intents and purposes, the David Bisard case is over," said defense expert Jack Crawford, who is observing the Bisard case.

But Crawford says the judge in the case "might do something creative."

"The judge may want to see him go through some sort of treatment program to make sure he is ready to go back to into the community. He's probably going to get probation out of this," Crawford said. "I think the court is going to want to ensure that he recognizes he has an alcohol problem and has done something to solve it."

Crawford also pointed out that the spring DUI is a misdemeanor and Bisard already has a lengthy prison sentence to be concerned with.

"I think the state is of the opinion that 13 years is a pretty fair and just sentence. I'm not sure they're going to want to try to pile on Officer Bisard with an extra one year, which is the most he could get," he said.