Bisard trial turns toward sentencing phase

David Bisard

Now convicted on nine charges related to a 2010 fatal crash, suspended IMPD Officer David Bisard now awaits sentencing later this month.

Bisard's last words as he headed for a sheriff's van for jail, "It's not true."

That is no revelation to Bisard's lawyers.

"Our client is devastated. As you can imagine, his family is as well. He has always maintained his innocence that's why we tried this case," said his lawyer, John Koutzman.

The jury convicted Bisard on all counts even without hearing about his second DUI arrest last spring, when he crashed his truck. But that could work against him at sentencing.

"I think the 2013 arrest will factor in, but I think only slightly," said Deputy Prosecutor Diane Robinson. "He still has yet to be convicted on that charge. But I think the circumstances of that are fairly well-known and will come into play."

At the scene of the August 2010 fatal crash for which Bisard was convicted, the star expert witnesses said his calls on the police radio show he was sober and in command.

But Tuesday, minutes after asking to hear three of those calls again, the jury found him guilty of DUI and everything else.

"All we ask for what is justice and I feel today we got it, with everything that has happened, it still came through as a guilty verdict," said victim Mary Mills.

Mills and Kurt Weekly were hurt when Bisard's patrol car slammed into their motorcycles. Eric Wells was killed.

"Justice has been served. Our son is gone forever, but David Bisard we can only hope will receive the help that he needs," said Wells' father, Aaron.

In voting guilty, the jury said "yes" to science - blood samples that showed Bisard was intoxicated two times the legal limit - and said no to 29 witnesses including cops who claimed he looked sober.

As he left the courthouse, Bisard's message to the victims, "I'm sorry."

Bisard will be sentenced November 26 at 10:30 a.m. He is facing at least six years in prison.

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