Bisard found guilty - what happens next?

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Suspended IMPD Officer David Bisard will be sentenced in three weeks after a jury found him guilty of all nine charges in connection to a deadly drunk driving crash in 2010.

Bisard is now a convicted felon because of his 2010 incident. So now steps will be taken to officially fire him as a police officer because he's been suspended without pay from IMPD for most of the past three years.

Then comes the question of how much time he'll serve in prison. It could top 20 years.

Everybody involved in the case, from victims' families, to prosecutors and the defense has said no matter what the outcome, no one in this case wins. Everyone involved has suffered greatly.

Bisard is scheduled for sentencing on November 26. He has the right to appeal the guilty verdicts, which experts say is likely.

So the legal battle may yet continue.