Bisard family releases statement


The family of suspended IMPD Officer David Bisard issued the following statement through their attorney Wednesday evening:

"The Bisard family first and foremost wants to again extend their ongoing sympathies to the Wells, Weekly and Mills families. We also want to express our appreciation to friends, fellow law enforcement officers and the FOP for their support.

"The criminal allegations stemming from the 2010 incident are separate and distinct from any other allegations. Guilt or innocence in one instance does not equate to guilt or innocence in another. All cases are to be judged independently, involving a review of the particular facts and circumstances relating to each case.

"Accountability for his actions, legal or otherwise, rests solely with David - not his wife, daughters or parents. We ask that the media please respect the privacy of our family members.

"While we continue to believe that the evidence proves the conduct in 2010 was not criminal, the fact remains that the lives of numerous people have been changed forever. We can only hope that a fair and thorough examination of the evidence through the court process will someday result in additional insight and perspective as the entire community attempts to move forward."

Bisard pleaded not guilty to new charges in a weekend arrest for drunk driving Wednesday.

Case background

In the August 2010 case, botched procedures led to the DUI charges being thrown out, then reinstated, and problems with the storage of blood evidence - along with the handling of the case itself - led to an overhaul at IMPD. Eric Wells died in the 2010 crash and Kurt Weekly and Mary Mills had life-changing injuries. Bisard's trial for that crash is scheduled for October 2013.

After Saturday's crash, which did not involve any other vehicles, Lawrence Police say Bisard's face was red, his balance was unsteady and his movements were slow when they responded to the crash scene. The responding officer also noted Bisard's eyes were bloodshot and glassy.

Bisard reportedly begged the arresting officers to let him go, and if they did he promised never to drink alcohol again. He also said his life would be over if he went to prison.