Bisard denies being drunk at time of 2010 crash

David Bisard
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Former Indianapolis Metro Police Officer David Bisard insists he was not drunk on the day of a deadly crash.

In a letter to Judge John Surbeck and the victims of an August 2010 crash, Bisard apologizes, but denies being drunk at the time of the crash, which led to a shake-up in the top brass at IMPD and prompted procedural changes within the department.

The four-page letter was released the day after Bisard was sentenced to 16 years in prison. He was found guilty earlier this month on drunk driving and reckless homicide charges for causing a crash that killed Eric Wells and critically injured Mary Mills and Kurt Weekly, three motorcyclists who were stopped at a red light.

"I do admit that I was exceeding the posted speed limit and I did look at my in-car laptop computer for a moment to verify the description of the person I was looking for," Bisard wrote in the letter, referring to the non-emergency run he was on when he crashed into the motorcyclists.

"I cannot admit to being intoxicated or consuming alcoholic beverages on August 6, 2010 because that is simply not the truth," he wrote.

Bisard also apologized to his victims, saying, "I apologize and I am sincerely sorry of the tragic collision that resulted in the untimely death of Mr. Eric Wells and severe injuries to Mr. Kurt Weekly and Mrs. Mary [Mills] Weekly on August 6, 2010. The accident has affected the lives of so many people and I'm not sure that any amount of words could fully express the sorrow I feel for being a part of it."

The former officer also describes growing up in a "loving home" with his mother and stepfather, serving in the Marines and achieving his goal of working for IMPD as a K-9 officer. He pointed to his accomplishments as an officer, including making rookie of the year and being nominated for officer of the year, and being involved in the police action shooting of a bank robbery suspect.

Bisard said while he disagrees with the guilty verdict, "I must respect our system of justice in this country. The tragic crash and the fallout from it have changed so many lives. Everyone involved in this incident is a victim in one way or another."