Bisard crash investigation report due in October

Public Safety Director Frank Straub

Sandra Chapman/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - The city's public safety director now says the internal and FBI investigations into the David Bisard case could come anytime between now and the end of the month. But what exactly will be detailed in the report, and will it review the responses all the way to the top?

For seven weeks, the FBI has gone behind closed doors at IMPD investigating the events of August 6th, when Officer David David Bisard ran lights and sirens to backup a misdemeanor warrant. He never made it. He crashed his cruiser into a group of motorcycles, killing Eric Wells and causing life-changing injuries to Mary Mills and Kurt Weekly.

Bisard was found to be twice the legal limit drunk. But those DUI charges were dropped because the blood was drawn at the wrong place.

In the coming days, the Public Safety Director Frank Straub vows to present an open review of what the FBI and IMPD's own internal investigation found.

"When we release the Bisard investigation, unlike on other investigations, we will produce a public report," said Straub, speaking at a news conference this week announcing plans to reform policies at IMPD.

"We're really going to adopt much more of an Inspector General model to how we conduct our investigations; so what happened, who's responsible," he added.

And just as importantly, how to move forward.

Eyewitness News has asked the director if the review of the Bisard case will address the responses all the way to the top of IMPD and even public safety. We were simply told the investigation will be released with its findings.

But days ago, Straub made a stronger promise.

"My guess is that it will be more than complete. And it will be critical of anyone who needs to be criticized," he said without further explanation.

Now it's wait and see. Mayor Greg Ballard said he has yet to see a finished report.

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