Bird talks future with Pacers


Larry Bird sounds like a man who wants to come back next season as Pacers president.

Bird told the media Wednesday that he loves his job and his team. After guiding the team within two wins of the Eastern Conference Finals, the NBA's Executive of the Year says he wants to talk to the team's owner to figure out the direction of the team.

"I love my job. This one of the best...there's just 30 of them. Obviously, we went through some tough times, and now, we're reaping the benefits of what we seen three or four years ago. If you remember, we had to change a culture. If I had to grade ourselves on doing that, it'd have to be an A," Bird said. "We've got good kids here that are dedicated to this city and our community and they want to win basketball games. But that's the biggest thing for me. We've got good kids in here that want to be here."

Bird said he has a handshake deal with Herb Simon and is eager to meet with the Pacers' owner.

"I wouldn't want to sign a four or five year deal, because I'm getting older, I don't know how long I want to do this, but I do love my job and what we have to do is just find out which direction that we want this franchise to go," Bird said.

He also said the team needs to improve its bench play next year.