helps shave savings from monthly expenses

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Thanks to the economy, you're not eating out as much.You're using coupons, but you can't figure out where you can save more money on your monthly bills.

Paying bills is never a fun chore even in the best of times, and nowadays, people like Ryan and Judy Safady are really looking closely trying to find ways to save.

"I think in the last six months we've really taken a step back and said, 'Hey, we should really look into how we can save the most amount of money,'" said Ryan.

"He's better at budgeting than I am, he's better at that but I'm better at grabbing coupons and finding cheaper prices at different places so we each have our strengths," said Judy.

Ryan is always looking for deals online, so they were anxious to have Peter Pham from explain what the site could do for them.

The website asks you to plug in your zip code and then helps you find the best price for gas, the cheapest cell phone plan, and the best credit card for you.

"I think in today's economy it's about being smarter what you spend and just being aware of what your options are for those people, but you don't have to change your usage behavior," said Pham.

The site shows you exactly how much you'll save, for instance, by buying your gas at a different station.

"There's no reason not to. It's all on my way to work. If I can save $800, $900 dollars a year, something like that, there's just no reason not to," said Ryan.

"We realized that the credit card we're using, we don't use it a whole lot and we do pay it off each month. We still could be earning cash back or rewards or using a different credit card," said Judy.

Because they both love their iPhones, they won't be making any changes there, but the other changes, they'll make pretty quickly and the predicted $2,000 savings they'll realize will go to good use.

"Right to the kids' fund. Split it down the middle, each kid gets $1,000 and it's just money found. I always say money found should just go right to the kids and that's what we always try to do," said Ryan.

One more tip in general: even if you are locked into a cell phone contract, a great way to save is to look at your usage and the plans available. You may be able to save big by making sure you're on the right plan for you.