Bill & Giuliana to share message of perseverance at health expo

Bill and Giuliana Rancic will be at the WTHR Health and Fitness Expo this weekend.

National TV personalities Bill and Giuliana Rancic will appear at the WTHR Health and Fitness Expo this weekend.

The dynamite duo entered our homes and hearts separately. Bill Rancic rose to fame as the first winner of "The Apprentice" almost 10 years ago, when he won a game of strategy and smarts to work alongside millionaire developer Donald Trump.

"As an entrepreneur, it was an amazing learning experience. It just opened up so many amazing opportunities in my life," said Bill Rancic

Giuliana is an entertainment journalist, beauty expert and anchor of E! News.

Eyewitness News Anchor Andrea Morehead spoke with the couple via satellite from their office in Los Angeles. It didn't take long for them to reminisce about how they met.

"Had Donald Trump not hired me on, I never would have met my wife, because she was interviewing me after The Apprentice," Bill said.

"So when I met him I had a plan. I was gonna land him. But I had no idea that even underneath all the looks that he was just such an amazing guy. So, yeah, it was love at first sight for me," Giuliana said.

A courtship led to marriage and eventually a reality TV show, "Giuliana & Bill."

"The cameras have been following us for the past month or so. And starting in June, season seven. I can't believe we've done seven seasons, will premiere on the Style Network," Giuliana said.

They've taken us along for their ride, from the nuptials to deciding where to live - Chicago or L.A. - opening a restaurant and the challenges of getting pregnant.

"A lot of people don't realize that almost one in four couples are affected by some form of infertility. And that's a big number. Yet so many people are ashamed, they feel there is a stigma attached," Bill said.

Bill and Giuliana had gone through several rounds of in vitro fertilization. They got pregnant, but were devastated when they lost the baby. Cameras were there when Giuliana later revealed she had breast cancer - a double mastectomy followed.

They shared the heartbreak and heartache on the TODAY show on October 27, 2011.

"To be quite honest, I couldn't think straight. All I could see was darkness before me. I couldn't make any decisions I couldn't do any of it. So, thank goodness that Bill was by my side. He was the one who was able to rationalize things and make those really big decisions for me and help talk me through them because all I saw was just the end of the world," Giuliana said.

"How do you support your wife during a time like that?" Morehead asked.

"Our whole motto is, 'We win together and we lose together,' that was something that even before any of the illness came upon us that we've always done. You know when Giuliana is down, I'm there to pick her up. And when I'm down, she's there to pick me up. And that's our marriage and that's our life. We're partners 'til the end," Bill replied.

Now the two travel the nation, sharing their very personal story, in hopes of inspiring others. They'll be the featured guests at the first WTHR Health and Fitness Expo.

"Giuliana and I are gonna give a speech, a talk, yeah, about 45 minutes (to) an hour. We'll do Q & A with the audience after our talk," Bill said.

"Anything they want to ask us, we're an open book, so we hope they enjoy the talk and we would love for them to come out," Giuliana says.

They say they definitely can't wait to tell Hoosiers about their greatest love of all - their new son, Duke. They say he saved their lives.

"To discover breast cancer, through my infertility journey, just showed, 'Oh, I see, I wasn't supposed to get pregnant,' because if the pregnancy - had I gotten pregnant - it would have fueled the breast cancer and put me in a worse place. So I look at it as a blessing and it just proves more than ever, there's a master plan for all of us. And God does work in interesting ways," Giuliana said.

Duke is now seven months old.

"He probably saved a lot of other lives out there, because Giuliana was so public, sharing her message and encouraging all of these women to get mammograms. He is a very special little guy for us," Bill said.

The WTHR Health and Fitness Expo is April 27-28 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. The Rancics will speak at the WTHR Main Stage on Sunday at 1 p.m.

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