Better pothole filler debuts today

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This season's massive snowfall has lead to a record number of potholes and a record number of tire repairs.  The damage was enough to prompt the city of Indianapolis to seek a more permanent pothole repair that's due for its first delivery today. 

Normally, asphalt plants don't fire up until about mid-March.  But, Reith Riley is heating up the furnace a month ahead of schedule to provide the city with what some might call black gold, more commonly known as hot mix, which is used for a more permanent fix for potholes.

For the last several days, Reith Riley has been busy getting ready.  That means clearing the snow out of their way, preparing the stockpiles of materials for hot mix asphalt that will be used for the pothole patching.  Finally, they've been heating up the machinery so it's ready to start cranking today.

What comes out will put a long-term end to the record number of potholes, many of them tire-busters creating serious car repair bills.  The city has been patching potholes for weeks trying to alleviate the problem.  But, with asphalt plants closed, they've had to rely on their winter formula called cold patch.  

"The cold mix has always been a temporary fix," said Lesley Gordon of the Indianapolis Department of Public Works. "It just doesn't bind as well to the asphalt.  That hot mix is designed to bind to the asphalt." Which, Gordon said, packs in better so crews don't have to keep repairing the same hole over and over.

Gordon said the Mayor's Action Center has received 4000 more complaints about potholes this year over last.  That's why they went to their main asphalt supplier, Reith Riley, and asked them to open early.  Production of hot mix starts today. 

You can report potholes online by clicking here.