Ben Davis students turn to YouTube to spread disability awareness


March is Disability Awareness Month and with a series of YouTube videos Wayne Township students are doing their part to bring attention to their own struggles and triumphs.

"I think you always have to find a way to overcome obstacles. I have cerebral palsy which prevents me from being able to walk and then I have scoliosis on my back and I have vitiligo which is apparent on my face. I'm at the point in my life where, am I going to do something. Most people think I should work at a Goodwill somewhere or work at a McDonald's somewhere because of my disability.  And what I want to do for myself is achieve.  I want to build my own legacy," said one student.

BDTV, the student television station at Ben Davis High School, is producing a total of 20 videos this month, that will be shown in classrooms throughout the district. This is just one activity the Wayne Township School District's Office of Special Services is sponsoring in support of Disability Awareness Month.

The videos allow students to share their stories while teaching their classmates to be more sensitive. They cover topics like bullying.

"We wanted to remind everyone about a problem that is still going on in our school, bullying. As a school we should come together as one and be nice to one another. Be a friend, not a bully," said another student.