Ben Davis student faces expulsion after bringing handgun to school

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Two Ben Davis High School students were removed from school Wednesday after an argument in a hallway. One of those students now faces expulsion after school administrators found a handgun in the student's backpack.

Text messages went out first thing Wednesday morning from MSD of Wayne Township Schools about a weapon found at the high school. It sent shockwaves through Ben Davis High School mother Michelle Charles.

"I heard my phone go off and I checked it and I was, like, 'Really?" Charles said. "And I just started dropping things."

Just after 9 a.m., as students passed from one class to another, a teacher on the second floor overheard two students yelling at each other. She investigated what was happening and came across an 18-year-old boy and 18-year-old girl in a very loud altercation.

Three other staff members responded and eventually they sent the two students to their next class. The girl then made statements that the boy was carrying a gun. She also indicated that the boy made threats against her, possibly suggesting that he would use the gun.

School administrators used video cameras to observe the 18-year-old boy's actions, which were recorded as he walked the halls. They concluded that if there was any weapon at all, that it must be in the boy's backpack. During a search, school officials removed a handgun from the boy's backpack, but they were also curious if there was any other danger.

"The student was also searched and there were bullets found on the student as well as in his pocket," said Mary McDermott-Lang, spokesperson for Wayne Township Schools.

It turns out that the majority of the school population and even the students were not aware of the danger until it was totally defused and the students were in the custody of school police.

Senior Donnie Charles was in another part of the school building, but eventually got word.

"It really didn't shock me that much, because the way people have been acting and seeing the stuff on the news," Charles said. "I am just glad no one got hurt."

Investigators from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and school officials are now trying to figure out what led to the argument and bringing a gun to school in the first place.

School officials say chances are they will even check social media for information that may have led up to the gun being brought to school.

The school staff followed protocol on exactly how to respond in an emergency situation and threat to the student body. Both the 18-year-old girl and boy were eventually transported to IMPD's Northwest District for questioning and parental notification.

The school's principal is now recommending expulsion for the 18 year old boy.