Beloit College "mindset list" describes class of 2017

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College freshmen starting classes this fall were born in 1995. They've only known two presidents, they're more likely to know what PayPal is rather than have a pen pal and they've always had GPS.

Those are just a few of the items on Beloit College's "mindset" list for the class of 2017. The Wisconsin-based college posts its half-serious, half-joking list annually, and - if you're over a certain age - it just might help you understand the youth of today!

The Class of 2017 is part of what's called the "sharing generation" - not only do they share personal details online, but they also have a tendency to share their possessions. When they were born, their parents might have been running Windows 95 on the home PC - but this generation's screens are getting smaller while their parents' get larger.

Java has never just been a cup of coffee and Gaga has never been baby talk.

They have never seen the Bruins at Boston Garden, the Trailblazers at Memorial Coliseum, the Supersonics in Key Arena, or the Canucks at the Pacific Coliseum.

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A blogger was inspired by Beloit's list and decided to take it one step further: to the minefield of grammar rules.

Ben Yagoda writes, "As a modifying adjective, 'awesome' means 'reasonably good.' As a one-word sentence, it means, 'I have heard and comprehended what you just said and do not necessarily disagree with it.'

Yagoda also suggests jokingly, "The expression 'I'm good' does not refer to virtue or ability. Rather, it means, 'I do not desire any additional beer at this time.'