Being prepared for severe weather

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Monday marks the beginning of "Severe Weather Preparedness Week".  It's a time where you are encouraged to think about what you and your family would do in the event of severe weather. Now, there is a very realistic way people can experience the power of a storm and how you should be prepared after it.

In Noblesville, firefighters are using a traveling "fire safety house" to illustrate what you can do to stay safe during severe weather.  The mobile trailer features strobe lights to simulate lightning and a TV presentation narrated by SkyTrak Chief Meteorologist Chris Wright, showing what would happen to your home when a storm hits.

Lt. Deanna Matthews with the Fishers Fire Department says you need to understanding how severe weather works in order to make plans after the storm.

Matthews says put together a "severe weather kit" that includes: a battery-powered radio, extra food, medications, water, and extra clothing.  You also need to stay informed by watching local TV news reports or listening to the radio for more information about where you can get help after the storm.

Matthews says it's also important to share information with friends and family about where you will go after the storm and a phone number where people can reach you.

If you would like to have the "severe weather awareness trailer" come to your community, Lt. Matthews says you just need to contact your local fire department.  They have information on how to set up a demonstration.