BBB warns of scammers posing as Microsoft tech support

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The Better Business Bureau is warning Hoosiers about a scam that either aims to get control of your computer remotely or is trying to get control of your money through your credit card number.

Thankfully for one Hendricks County wife and mother, neither happened because she knew better.

In a Hendricks County farm house, dating back to 1910, all the conveniences that the year 2014 has to offer are a mouse click away on Ada Stucky's computer.

"With kids, we sometimes shop on-line and have it delivered," said Stucky who has embraced technology.

"It's not going anywhere and it does some wonderful things, but you have to be very cautious with it as well," said the stay at home mom of two.

Stucky was reminded of just how cautious she needs to be when someone called saying they were from Microsoft.

"He said he was from the technical department of Microsoft. If I was near my computer if I could go sit down at it, he was going to walk me through how to get the virus off of my computer," Stucky recalled.

Stucky's biggest concern though was that the person calling had her name, number and email address.

"It just didn't sound right," said Stucky.

So Stucky didn't give the caller any information and instead called Microsoft herself.

"She said no, that was not us and that's a scam. Don't ever give any information," Stucky remembered.

When Stucky got a second call last week saying the same thing as before she knew there was a problem.

"I told him that I don't have a Window computer and that if he called me again, I was going to have the police track him down and he said goodbye," said Stucky.

What happened though has reminded Stucky when it comes to technology she has to be careful about its pitfalls.

"Sometimes you know just enough to get you into trouble where you become confident and you think you know more than you actually do. There's a lot more depths to these things than we realize," said Stucky, pointing to her computer.

Just like there are a lot more scam artists out there who may try to get to you through your computer

The Better Business Bureau advises consumers when it comes to issues with your computer to install virus protection, don't trust cold calls and find a computer repair company you can trust or go through your service provider directly.