Bargain-hunters spending Thanksgiving Day waiting in line

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The turkey isn't even cold yet, but many people are already thinking ahead to Black Friday shopping.

Some people are already shopping. Others have spent this Thanksgiving standing in line, waiting for the stores to open so they can take advantage of the deals.

While some stores will still open at midnight, the traditional time to open the doors on Black Friday, several other stores are stepping it up this year, opening at 8:00 pm. Regardless of what time the stores are opening, we found some who say in times like these is worth the sacrifice.

"If you need a water, I bought a couple bottles of water and I'm sipping on my Pepsi, so I'm good for right now," said Louise Watford.

It's easy to see Watford is having a little fun with this. She got in line at the Best Buy on Lafayette Road early for a sale that was 18 hours away.

"I got up here at six this morning just to get a Toshiba baby, thank you! I'm thinking about my car! I got up early to get a Toshiba tv," said Louise.

That 40" Toshiba tv at a steal of deal -- $179-- was all the motivation Louise and her friend, Adesa Lloyd, needed. These are two women on a very serious mission.