Barack Obama: criticizes own debate performance

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He's President Barack Obama - and he doesn't approve the message he delivered last week.

The president is the latest to poke fun at what many saw as his lackluster performance during the first debate against Republican rival Mitt Romney.

He offered his criticism of himself in front of a group of celebrities in Los Angeles. The president came on after performances by singers like Stevie Wonder and Katy Perry and remarks by actor George Clooney.

The president marveled at how they are able to perform flawlessly night after night and then said, quote: "I can't always say the same."

Supporters in the audience laughed at the line. Despite the jab at himself, the LA session was about business - the business of raising campaign funds. Obama was raising millions over two days in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The final event was a 150-guest dinner that cost $25,000 a person.

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