Bankers Life Fieldhouse opening up their books


For the first time, on Monday, we'll see what it actually costs to run Bankers Life Fieldhouse - and how much money Pacers Sports and Entertainment brings in for all the events it sponsors there.

The Pacers' ownership must report its operating expenses and revenue for the venue - not the team - on a quarterly basis. Eyewitness News learned Saturday the information will be provided for the first time Monday during the city's Capitol Improvement Board meeting.

The new requirement is a stipulation of the multi-million dollar deal reached this spring between the Pacers and the City. The agreement calls for the City to pay for operations, maintenance and upgrades at the Fieldhouse. The hope is that by disclosing this information to the CIB and the public, there will be more transparency.

Also under the new contract - the group will have to report every June both the number of people employed at Bankers Life and how much they've collected in various taxes.