Bank robbers suspected in five other Indianapolis heists


Federal investigators say the two men caught after a bank robbery and chase on Monday may be responsible for a string of other Indianapolis bank robberies.@Agents revealed new details about Monday's events in federal court documents.

Officers arrested Edward McDonald and Marvin Edward Turnley for the March 31 robbery at the bank on the southeast corner of 86th Street and College Avenue. The men were apprehended after a short police chase. 

Investigators believe the suspects are responsible for five other bank robberies in Indianapolis since January 27. The most recent robbery in the string happened March 12 at the Fifth/Third Bank on Broad Ripple Avenue.

The FBI was conducting surveillance of the bank at 86th and College Monday when the latest robbery occurred, but it is not known what specifically led them to that location. An officer saw a suspicious car check out the bank, drive down the street and circle back.

The robbers were in the bank for about 30 seconds, during which time Turnley allegedly held up a black bag for money from the tellers. A witness says the suspected robber said "you know what this is" while holding the bag. The witness and investigators believe a gun was in the bag.

After a short pursuit, which reached 80 miles per hour, the suspects crashed into another vehicle before losing control and striking a tree.

While being held at gunpoint by an FBI agent, McDonald reportedly tried to flee the scene. While the agent's attention was diverted, Turnley, who was driving the vehicle, started to run, but was caught at the scene. McDonald was apprehended nearby.

Police found $16,093 in cash and a Kel-Tech .380 caliber pistol in the getaway car. A bank audit showed a loss of $16,193 immediately after the crime.

McDonald has a detention hearing scheduled for Thursday afternoon.