Ballard responds to crash victim's parents

Mayor Greg Ballard

Scott Swan/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Mayor Greg Ballard is responding to the parents of an Indianapolis motorcycle rider killed in a crash with an IMPD officer. The mayor is defending his public safety director in the wake of criticism raised by Eric Wells' parents. He is also addressing what the parents believe is a key piece of evidence at the scene.

Aaron and Mary Wells criticized Indianapolis Public Safety Director Frank Straub for the way the crash involving Officer David Bisard was handled. Their son Eric died in the Aug. 6th crash. They spoke to Eyewitness News over the weekend at their home in Florida.

"In the first few hours he came out and seemed to be running more PR by you than anything," said Aaron Wells, speaking about the way he felt Straub handled the crash.

 Thursday on Sunrise, Mayor Ballard defended Frank Straub.

"Again we want that investigation to play out. We need that investigation to continue. He brings to the department what's long overdue. He brings a national status, clearly to the point where the IMPD is a national force, really a terrific force that he can bring that to us," said Ballard.

After the crash, Officer Bisard reportedly had a black duffel bag. The Wells family believes there may have been alcohol inside.

"If this was not a cop, the person that was driving wouldn't have been able to walk away with anything out of the vehicle. The vehicle would have been searched," said Mary Wells.

"I know they are worried about that. I mean, they told me that in a letter too, so I'm concerned about it. But at the same time there are procedures involved that may have explained it. But we'll have to see what the investigation says," said the mayor.

The mayor says his latest policy changes - including banning alcohol in police cars - should have been done years ago.

Mayor Ballard says the FBI and internal affairs should have the investigation wrapped up in three to five weeks.