Ballard looks for answers to combat violence

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard

Indianapolis has been struggling with ways to end violence in the city.

We're not alone. Many communities across the country are focusing on the same issues.

That is why the leaders of those cities — including Mayor Greg Ballard — met at the White House Monday to talk about a significant program President Barack Obama put in place.

My Brother's Keeper aims to find ways to keep kids off the streets by giving them something to do.

"I think there are some fundamental things that the entire country's missing, city by city, that are just manifesting themselves later on in behavior that we don't want to see," Ballard said. "We have to get on this as a nation, where we have to take these kids and understand what's happening. You've heard me say before that the family dynamic has changed, but all the institutions surrounding it have not. We have not adjusted well to all of this."

Ballard talked about the importance of early childhood intervention, pointing to a program in Minneapolis that the city could perhaps model.

This is the third time the mayor has participated in meetings on this topic. He will be back at work today in Indianapolis to hopefully start putting some of the ideas into play.