Ball State student joins investigation into Logansport cold case

Roland Davis was murdered at a gas station where he worked in 1991.
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The heat is being turned up on a cold case in the murder of a gas station clerk in Logansport more than two decades ago.

Someone murdered gas station clerk Roland Davis during a robbery in March 1991. Even after 22 years, tears fell from Dawn Fultz's eyes talking about her brother's unsolved murder Wednesday.

"For many weeks and months after that, I waited for the phone call saying, 'Oh, we know what happened,' but that never came," Fultz said.

Davis worked alone the night of the murder at what was then an Amoco station at 18th and Broadway in Logansport.

Ball State criminology student Joe Nelson is now helping Logansport detectives investigate Davis' murder.

"We have certainly had a number of interesting leads to produce to Detective Morphet and Detective Collins," Nelson said.

The head of the university's criminal justice department hopes the puzzling cold cases are a piece of cake for his students.

"It could be just a small piece of information that, at one point, may have been considered to be important," said Dr. Brian Byers.

Another piece of the puzzle in Davis' murder is at Logansport's Riverside Park, where police found the money bag taken in the robbery.

"Somebody that knows where Riverside Park is from here knows a little bit something about town and didn't just pass through," said Logansport Police Asst. Chief Mike Morphet.

After constantly wiping away tears for more than two decades, Fultz has a new hope for her family and others.

"My hope is that my brother's case would be solved and other unsolved cases would be solved as well," she said.

Davis' unsolved murder is one of the first cases now assigned to a Ball State student to help reinvestigate. Students will also help produce public service announcements to help generate new leads for cold cases.