A baby's life was saved on a Miami Expressway

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A baby's life was saved on a Miami Expressway, thanks to the child's aunt and motorists who stopped to help. 

These photos were taken by Miami Herald photographer Al Diaz. 

Diaz was driving on the Dolphin Expressway Thursday afternoon when Pamela Rauseo jumped out of her car with her 5-month old nephew, screaming that the baby couldn't breathe. 

Diaz summoned for help as Rauseo started breathing into the baby's mouth. 

An officer, who was flagged down, helped perform chest pumps. The child started breathing, but stopped again. 

Two members of a Miami-Dade Fire Rescue unit were returning to work from meeting, when they heard the radio call and jumped out of their vehicle to help. 

They made sure the baby's airway was open and that he was breathing. The infant was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital's pediatric unit, in stable condition.