Baby wipes chemical leading to rash

Baby wipes chemical leading to rash
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The same wipes you use to clean your hands, your baby or to remove your makeup could be causing complications.

Recently, doctors have found people having an allergic reaction to certain wipes and that led them to one chemical you need to watch out for.

It's a popular preservative known as M.I. It's found in some baby care products, makeup remover towlettes and even moist flushable wipes.

For some, it causes a painful rash.

"They have to keep coming up with new preservatives," said Dr. Matthew Zirwas with the OSU-Wexner Medical Center. "This was a new one that was developed, they thought that it was gonna be very safe and it was only after it started to be used a lot that we find out that this was probably the worst preservative that we've seen on the market."

In most cases, the allergic reaction signs will be red, weeping, scaling skin that is just itching like crazy. When seen in babies, it looks like a horrible diaper rash that just won't get better, according to Dr. Zirwas.

If you have a reaction, you should look for that ingredient. If it is in your wipes, stop using them and contact your doctor.