Baby injured by falling TV still in critical condition

Demetrius Jones was seriously hurt by a falling TV Wednesday.
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Demetrius Jones, an 11-month-old Indianapolis boy injured by a falling television Wednesday, remains in critical but stable condition at Riley Hospital for Children.

Demetrius suffered severe head injuries after the family's large television fell on him Wednesday afternoon.

Doctors are using a feeding tube as part of the ongoing care for Demetrius.

His family says doctors told them it's now a wait-and-see situation.

Off-duty Metro Police Officer David Miller rendered CPR first aid to Demetrius while working his part-time security job at the apartment complex.

Family and friends credit Miller with keeping the boy alive after the tragic accident.

His mother rushed next door and handed the boy to her neighbor, Miss Cricket, but it didn't look good.

"He was lifeless. He wasn't breathing and his body was just limp," Miss Cricket said.

That's when police say Miller, who was working off-duty security, rushed to the apartment and immediately went into action.

"He came in, took the baby and immediately started CPR, no questions asked, wiped the blood off and just immediately started CPR on the baby," Miss Cricket said.

Although she feared the worst, the neighbor realized Miller had some serious training about how to save someone's life.

"Cause when I had him, his body was lifeless, when the officer started the CPR, he kind of moved his hand and started kind of moving his eyes and it was like he was responding," Miss Cricket said. "Cause we were all lost and did not know what to do. I am trying to put water on him, press on his chest, but he came in and immediately took over and knew what to do."