Baby found in hot car at Noblesville mall


An 11-month-old child was taken to a local hospital after being discovered alone in a hot car. Police say the child's mother was shopping inside the mall while the child was left unattended on a 95-degree day.

The young girl was found in a vehicle parked at Hamilton Town Center in Noblesville.

Police officers were called to the scene at around 1:46 pm. They found the 11-month-old in the back seat with one of the rear windows rolled down slightly. The temperature at the time was estimated to be 95 degrees outside and 110 degrees inside.

Officers removed the child from the vehicle and placed her inside an air-conditioned police vehicle.

The child was treated at St. Vincent Northeast and released into the custody of her father.

The mother of the infant, Poojah Harshit Thakkar, 31, of Indianapolis, was arrested and taken to the Hamilton County Jail. Thakkar was arrested on a preliminary charge of child neglect. Thakkar told officers she was shopping at Hamilton Town Center at the time of the incident.

Child Protective Services is investigating.

Earlier this month, a Greenfield man was arrested after leaving his young infant daughter in a vehicle for around two hours on a blistering afternoon. The girl died, and her father, Joshua Stryzinski, faces charges.

In Fishers that same weekend, a 16-month-old girl suffered a seizure after being left in a parked car for an hour while her mother went shopping. That child was initially in critical condition but has since been released from the hospital. Her mother, Meg Trueblood, faces charges.