Avon woman beaten during garage sale robbery

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An Avon woman was ambushed and beaten as she prepared to host a weekend garage sale.

"How much of a low life to do you have to be to beat my mom for a dollar and some change?" asked the unidentified victim's daughter, Theresa.

Theresa and her family hope someone helps police identify the man who brutally beat her mother Wednesday morning. It happened in the garage as her mother put price stickers on items for their garage sale this weekend.

She says the man went ballistic because she had no money to give him.

"He bashed her head in the doorway. He hit her over the back of the head, her face is just...it's not good," Theresa said.

The man used a gun to force Theresa's mother through a door into the kitchen. That's where the woman's dog, Roxy, went on the attack.

"We are talking a dog relentlessly attacking for 10 minutes or more. They are going to be deep, they are going to be bad and if anyone knows of anybody who has multiple dog bites on their legs to please just call the police," Theresa said.

Theresa is sharing her mother's attack on social media websites like Facebook. She wants to warn as many people as possible, especially in their neighborhood.

Thirty minutes before the attack, Theresa's mother says she saw a man walking his dog past their house and something about that got her attention.

"It caught her attention because no one walks over here. The sidewalk is over there," Theresa said.

The family still plans to have the garage sale, but Theresa warns to always lower your garage door.

"I never would have thought this would happen here," she said.

The robber, who is still at large, threatened to shoot their dog, but never fired his gun. Theresa says you should be on the lookout for someone who suddenly has unexplained dog bites on his legs.

The suspect is described as a male with a dark complexion, standing six-feet tall with a medium build. He was wearing a white baseball cap, a dirty blue, short-sleeved shirt, black pants and spoke with a deep voice.

If you have any information that could help police, call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.