Avon resident snaps picture of burglary suspect


An alert resident took a couple of pictures of a burglary suspect and his car, and now Hendricks County Sheriff's detectives are asking the public to help identify the man.

The man is wanted for questioning in several burglaries in the Avon area.

The burglaries are occurring during daytime hours and entry is being made after a window is broken out.

The photos released Tuesday were taken recently by a homeowner who believed that the man was preparing to break into her residence. He repeatedly rang the door bell and then began to look through windows.

The homeowner called police, but the man was gone by the time they got there.

Deputies responded to three other burglary runs the same day.

Anyone with information on the suspect is asked to contact Lieutenant Chuck Morefield at 745-4052.

Original story: 

Jonathan Mayo recently purchased a home alarm system to keep his family safe. But people who live in The Pines of Avon subdivision are being targeted by bold daytime burglars.

In one of the break-ins, responding officers got the attention of Mayo's son and his best friend playing outside after a break-in. During their basketball game in the driveway, Mayo said, "Cops were kind of bringing stuff in an out of the house, so they were watching...and they were probably detailing some items. My kids waved at the policeman and he waved back, they really thought that was cool."

But Mayo says what isn't cool is hearing about the break-ins in their quiet community.

Police suspect the same burglars broke into homes in the Pine Tree Estates, where a victim by the name of Jim said, "I am very upset about that. I don't blame anybody other than people not raising their children the way they should be raised."

Jim still has to inventory his home to find out exactly what the burglars stole. A neighbor helped board up his home where the burglars broke in recently. They have been talking to investigators by telephone from Florida.

What's worse, this is not the first time he has been burglarized by crooks.

"Someone also broke into my mobile home and stole some items. This time I am sure they got away with a couple of my collections. But I will know exactly what's missing once I am back home," Jim said.

Police say the burglars have been taking mainly electronics, like flat screen televisions and jewelry. Those items are easier to pawn, according to detectives.

Right now, police believe as many as three people are driving through neighborhoods during the day, casing homes that look unoccupied.

Witnesses describe seeing a gray- or light-colored car, possibly an Oldsmobile, with a spare tire bubble on the trunk. Two of the burglars leave the hood up, pretending to have car trouble, while a third breaks in through a window or door.

The message about the burglary scheme is also being circulated among realtors who may be showing homes during daytime hours. So far, the break-ins have all happened between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Now, the plan is to call police about strange and stranded cars in the neighborhood. Anyone with information on the car described in the crimes can anonymously call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS. There is a cash reward for tips that lead to an arrest in this case.