Avon Police: Serial burglar wanted in two-dozen central Indiana break-ins

Anthony Wayne Reed
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The crime spree of an Avon serial business burglar is much more widespread than police realized. The suspect is now wanted in three central Indiana cities for almost two-dozen break-ins, and there could be more.

Police say Anthony Wayne Reed has gone from city to city breaking into businesses, and has managed to elude authorities. Avon detectives have arrest warrants for the 53-year-old in connection with several burglaries in Avon, Westfield and Brownsburg.

Investigators believe his latest crime spree happened Avon in the last few weeks. Reed is caught on camera where the victims say he ransacked their offices, rumbled through drawers and stole electronics and petty cash in some cases.

Kathi Booher's family business was one of the offices broken into last September. The suspect broke a window and bent the frame with a crowbar.

"Everybody's desk drawers were pulled open and had been gone through and there was maybe $10 in cash in my drawer that maybe had been taken," she said.

Avon Police found busted door jambs and broken windows at eight different businesses. After broadcasting the images of the business burglar, detectives at other police departments noticed they were looking for the same suspect.

"Finding out that Mr. Reed is our suspect, finding out that he has been in prison on multiple offenses for burglary and theft came, really, as no surprise to us," said Avon Police Det. Brian Nugent.

Police call Reed a career burglar who they want off the street. If you have any information that could help police zero in on his whereabouts, call Crime Stoppers. The telephone number is 262-TIPS.