Avon Police foil bank robbery

Brandon Saloane
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A man who robbed a bank threw off detectives by dressing as a woman. But plans for a second hit landed him in jail after police learned he had an accomplice.

The bank robbery happened at the Chase bank branch on U- highway 36 in Avon last year. Investigators foiled a second hold-up.

Look closely at the bank robber in this snapshot from security cameras. Police say the robber wanted everyone to think he's a she. But in reality, police say it's 21-year-old Brandon Saloane, a man who nearly fooled them.

"From the very beginning we were not certain as whether it was a male or female. There was conflicting testimony from witnesses," said Det. Brian Nugent, Avon Police.

Bank pictures show the teller handing the disguised robber a stack of cash and eventually fleeing the bank. Police say Saloane's getaway ride broke down. Officers recovered a blue and pink girl's bike near the bank with a broken chain.

"He fell off the bike and landed on the ground and took off running," said Det. Nugent.

But there's yet another twist to the bank robbery. The teller seen handing Saloane the cash is in trouble.

Investigators arrested 20-year-old teller Jennifer Hunsacker, who they say helped orchestrate the hold-up.

Investigators say despite the bike breaking down, Saloane still hitched a ride with getaway driver Randal Crosley. But questioning Crosely may some time. Crosely has been arrested in Greene County for the brutal murder of Katelyn Wolfe.