Avon parents adopt Ukranian teens

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Carl Lucas is back home in Indiana after a whirlwind trip to Ukraine.

He went to the war-torn nation three weeks ago to bring home two Ukrainian orphans: Emily, 15, and her brother Dominic, 17.

"It's a great opportunity for us to have two more people in our life who love us," said Carl, still recovering from jet lag.

"We just felt like it was the least we could do. It's two people," said Carl's wife, Cathy Lucas.

The Lucases hosted the brother and sister at their Avon home last summer and soon after, decided to adopt the siblings.

"It does help that they are the same ages, because we have similar interests. We see things the same way," said Levi Lucas, a biological son of Carl and Cathy.

Now Levi and his biological sister Bella have a new adoptive brother and sister.

"Family isn't just blood," said Bella Lucas, "at least for me. I didn't spend 16 years with them but I plan on spending the rest of it by their side."

The transition won't be easy. We caught a glimpse of Dominic, but neither wanted to be interviewed. There's a language and cultural barrier.

"Every once in a while, he'll come to me and be like, guitar, guitar? And we'll go to the garage or out front and just rock out," said Bella.

"They've been accepted with open arms," Cathy said of the Emily and Dominic, "and we know it's going to take them a while to adjust...maybe years. It will be years, maybe a lifetime."

Carl is already the teen's adoptive father. Cathy will become their mother on Monday. The next step is citizenship. They'll become Americans in a few weeks.