Avon office burglar caught on tape

Police say this man is behind at least three burglaries in Avon.
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A burglar suspected of robbing several businesses along U.S. 36 in Avon has been caught on camera.

Video cameras captured the suspect rumbling through several offices in Avon, carrying a two-toned crowbar.

"They just made a mess, a lot of broken glass everywhere," said Michelle Benjamin.

When employees at Benjamin's insurance company got to work Monday morning, they learned the same burglar hit them, too.

"Ransacked. Went through all of the drawers and cupboards and opened up everything and basically did not find a whole lot of anything. They just made a mess," Benjamin said.

Despite the mess, the burglar did not get a hold of any of the company's client information.

During the break-in, a night vision camera recorded the thief in action. He calmly closes up a laptop to take with him. Detectives say he's in no hurry.

"He has a very calm demeanor and very relaxed. He is in the building for an extended period of time," said Avon Police Det. Brian Nugent.

Detectives recovered the smaller, two-toned crowbar they say the burglar used to pry open doors and break several windows that are now boarded up.

Police believe the same man hit two other office buildings in the area. All of the customer and client information in those businesses is safe, but detectives suspect if the man's not caught, he will strike again.

"They disrupted other businesses as well, so it would be nice if that kind of thing was stopped, if somebody would help us out that way," Benjamin said.

Right now, police believe the man has only been after cash during the break-ins in Avon. Detectives are checking with surrounding cities to see if he may be behind other burglaries.