Avoiding election scams


As campaigns heat up for the upcoming election, scams are also on the rise.

Voters are engaged this election cycle. We will be voting for a new governor and a new president, and scammers want in on the action.

As we are bombarded with political ads and stories about where candidates stand on hot button issues, scammers are working behind the scenes to capitalize on the campaigns. You may get a robocall offering a prizes to take a political survey, but the Better Business Bureau said to beware.

"(Scammers) try to lure people in through believable scenarios, things like posing as pollsters, calling and asking for a political donation, calling to see if you're a registered voter. These are the types of things we see. Ultimately what happens is they're either trying to steal your identification or steal money," said Bill Thomas of the BBB of Central Indiana.

The BBB has repots of scams in all forms: phone calls, texts, emails and social media.  If you want to contribute to a political campaign, or register to vote, you should be the one to initiate it.

"When you want to contribute to a political campaign, or you want to make sure you are registered to vote you should be the one to initiate that contact. Don't fall for a solicitation. It can come by phone, text or social media. Make sure that you are properly registered," said Thomas.

Here are some links you need to check out to make sure your money is safe.