Australia checking 2 objects in search for Malaysian plane

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Australian officials say the search for possible objects from missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 has ended for Thursday.

Officials say visibility was poor in the area where four military planes were searching to determine whether two large objects bobbing in a remote part of the Indian Ocean are debris from the missing flight.

Authorities say the search will continue.

The objects were spotted on satellite imagery in the Indian Ocean about 2,500 kilometers (1,550 miles) southwest of Perth.

John Young of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority cautioned Thursday against expectations that this may help solve the mystery of the plane that went missing with 239 people on board nearly two weeks ago.

Young told reporters, "We have been in this business of doing search and rescue and using sat images before and they do not always turn out to be related to the search even if they look good, so we will hold our views on that until they are sited close-up."

Australia's prime minister says objects possibly related to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight have been spotted on satellite imagery.

Officials say the objects are approximately 2,500 kilometers (about 1,550 miles) south of Perth, on Australia's southwest coast. Perth is 2,600 miles south-southeast of Kuala Lumpur, where the flight originated.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott told Parliament in Canberra on Thursday that a Royal Australian Airforce Orion has been diverted to the area to attempt to locate the objects. The Orion is expected to arrive in the area Thursday afternoon. Three additional aircraft are expected to follow for a more intensive search.

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