Aunt of Portland mall shooter shocked

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It's been a difficult few days not just for the people and the families caught up in the tragedy of a shooting at a Portland, Oregon mall, but for the gunman's mother as well.

Tami Roberts says she's devastated. 22-year-old Jake Roberts is accused of killing two people and injuring another, before killing himself.

His mother says she has been proud of her son his whole life until now, and like so many others, she wonders why.

"Never could I imagine him being a part of something like this," said Roberts. "They told me that my son was dead and that he had shot all those people, at Clackamas Town Center."

Roberts says she was technically Jake's aunt. She took him in when he was just two years old after his biological mother, who was Roberts' younger sister, died from Hodgkin's Disease.

Tami Roberts says she lost contact with Jake four years ago. It was about that same time she remembers a change in his demeanor when he found out that he couldn't become a Marine because of an injury to his foot.

Friends say Jake was planning to move to Hawaii last Saturday but he never left. Three days later, investigators say, he walked into the mall and opened fire.

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