Attorneys make closing arguments in Pistorius murder case

Oscar Pistorius

An attorney for Oscar Pistorius says the Olympic runner's disability was a factor in the shooting of his girlfriend, Reeva Steinkamp.

There's nothing Pistorius can do now but wait. Both sides are trying to sway the judge with final pleas.

The prosecutor launched right into his closing argument that Pistorius is a cold-blooded killer who murdered his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in a fit of rage.

Pistorius' defense attorney fired back Friday, saying Pistorius was startled by noise in the bathroom.

”You're trained as an athlete to react to sound. Sprinters, we all know it. You're trained. Take all those factors into account. And he stands now with his finger ready to fire if necessary. And he stands there (BOOM),” said Barry Roux, defense attorney.

Roux continued, “And then there's his physical disability. Without legs, Pistorius is more vulnerable...prone to react to danger. That constant reminder, I do not have legs. I cannot run away.”

Team Pistorius was also all in on police misconduct, saying officers contaminated the scene.

“We pointed out the discrepancy with the cell phones. We pointed out how did you see a cricket bat in your statement with the names on top while in the photo it's the other side, way down,” said Pistorius' attorney.

The judge and her two assessors will now deliberate. The judge will announce the verdict on September 11th.

The judge can find him not guilty, guilty of premeditated murder, murder, which is like second-degree murder in the U.S. or something called palpable homicide, which is similar to manslaughter.