Attorney speaks for south side explosion homeowners

Randall Cable, attorney
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The homeowners of the house that exploded Nov. 10th in the Richmond Hill neighborhood are still not commenting since the case became a criminal investigation.

Eyewitness News found Monserrate Shirley and her boyfriend, Mark Leonard, at their attorney's office Tuesday afternoon. When they left the office, we tried to get answers about the investigation into the explosion at their house.

But neither of them were talking to the media. "Just leave us alone," Shirley whimpered when approached by media crews as she left the office of attorney Randall Cable Tuesday.

Investigators ruled out all accidental causes, calling it a criminal act, but they have not come up with who might be responsible or why it happened.

Cable says his clients want to help.

"There may be things that we can help to explain. We are just trying to cooperate," said Cable.

The couple's home blew up ten days ago, killing neighbors Dion and Jennifer Longworth while they were in their home. Dozens of other homes are either totally destroyed or sustained extensive damage.

Cable confirmed Mark Leonard is no longer in possession of his vehicles, including a white van sources tell Channel 13 was confiscated as part of the investigation. Investigators have called on anyone who saw a white van parked near the Fieldfare Way home on Nov. 10th to contact Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.

"They are just as distraught, concerned and upset as anybody else in the neighborhood," said Cable, speaking of his clients.

Eyewitness News asked Cable if he'd allow his clients to take a polygraph test.

"You answer those questions when they come up," he said.

Police arrested Mark Leonard in 1992 for dealing marijuana. He was also convicted of theft, receiving stolen property, and resisting law enforcement.  Leonard faced jail and prison time for serious felonies in 2002, including stalking and violating probation.