Attorney for Richmond Hill blast suspect seeks to change venue

Monserrate Shirley
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The attorney for the woman accused in the deadly Richmond Hill explosion is filing for a motion for change of venue for her trial.

Monserrate Shirley's attorney filed the motion Thursday morning.

In the court document, attorney James Voyles argues that his client, who faces 49 felonies including felony murder and arson, cannot receive a fair trial in Marion County due to public hostility against her, public outrage over the alleged crime, news media reports and "speculative opinions" regarding her "personality and character."

Shirley, along with her boyfriend Mark Leonard and his brother Bob Leonard, is accused of planning the Nov. 10th explosion that destroyed her home on the Indianapolis south side and killed two of her neighbors.

The blast also led to the demolition of over 30 other homes and damage to dozens of others in the neighborhood.