Attempted murder suspect turns himself in

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Indianapolis Metro Police now have a suspect in custody in connection with a Father's Day shoot-out.

Joshua Curbeaux turned himself in at the City-County Building Wednesday.

The SWAT team was called to the scene at 1600 S. State Ave. near Minnesota St. before noon Wednesday because they believed Curbeaux might be inside a house. But as officers entered the home, Curbeaux was turning himself in downtown.

SWAT officers fired tear gas into the home and found it empty after waiting for roughly five hours.

Curbeaux's attempted murder warrant stems from deadly violence during Father's Day weekend.

Gunfire broke out on McClure Street, leaving at least one dead and several others injured. But his family wants him cleared of any wrongdoing, saying he was defending them.

"We know that he didn't shoot. He was trying to get out of there and my brother has got shot wounds in him, my uncle died over this and he go out of there. He was there and that was it," said Jessica Curbeaux, the suspect's sister.

"He was just trying to basically protect our family when other people are shooting at him. What would you guys do if you were trying to get out of there and they were shooting at your head and bullets are going through?" said Katie Curbeaux, the suspect's niece.