Aspiring model warns of fake Craigslist ad

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One of the country's top modeling scouts says someone is using their good name to lure young girls.

"It's something that I think every girl wants to do at a point in their life," said Jennie D., an aspiring model.

Jennie's dreams about modeling quickly turned into a nightmare after learning the man behind a Craigslist ad is a fake and his real intentions are unknown. The ad invites females for acting and modeling and guarantees them video shoots.

But the photos in the ad are ripped straight from the website of Carmel's Helen Wells Agency. Jennie says the advertiser asked to meet her near North Meridian Street and Fall Creek Parkway, so she Googled his address.

"It gave me a street view and it was apartments. That particular apartment had blue shutters and it looked scary," she said.

Leery of the meet-up, Jennie picked up the phone and called Helen Wells. She has thousands of clients and uses only reputable photographers. She also has almost never met new clients away from her studio and office in Carmel.

"He told her not to call the office, which tells you something right there," Wells said. "And wanting pictures and videos of girls, wants girls of any age. That's bad. There is something going on and he claims he is working for us and he is not."

Wells says the fake ad not only serves as a warning for aspiring models, but for parents, too.

"A lot of them are not good people. You have to make sure you investigate what's going on," Wells said.

Wells told Jennie and her mom she had never heard of the man in the ad. Now, they hope other potential models will also avoid falling victim to a scam - or worse.

Wells says it's not the first time a fake modeling ad using her company's name has popped up online. She urges aspiring models to do their homework on companies making big promises and guarantees.