Arsenal Tech shooting victim released from the hospital

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A shooting near an Indianapolis high school is putting a spotlight on domestic violence among teenagers.

The teen girl shot outside Arsenal Tech High School Tuesday is home recovering.

The accused attacker, her 19-year-old ex-boyfriend William Alvies, is in jail awaiting criminal charges. It appears to be an attempted murder rooted in teenage domestic violence.

The 17-year-old high school senior ran for her life from Alvies. Family members say the ex-boyfriend threatened to kill her. Witnesses to the shooting say Alvies ran off after firing at least six shots at the girl. He later he surrendered to police.

Catherine O'Connor, president and CEO of the Julian Center thought about the incident and said simply, "I was sad."

But not at all shocked or surprised.

"Unfortunately, this isn't as unusual as we hope it would be," O'Connor said.

The Julian Center works to help domestic victims of all ages and break the circle of violence. The organization cites nationwide statistics showing a third of all young people are abused in some way by a dating partner.

One-in-ten high school students has been purposefully hit, slapped or physically hurt by a boyfriend or girlfriend. One-in-four high school girls has been a victim of physical or sexual abuse.

Unfortunately, real abuse can be mistaken for the typical angst and turmoil attributed with growing up.

"The teenage years are very emotional years. Sometimes some of the signs get dismissed as teenage anxiety," O'Connor said.

The signs leading to Tuesdays near deadly attack, the victim's family members say, were pretty clear. Her grandmother, Rose Wilson, came to the crime scene.

"She broke it off, got together, she broke it off. He said he was going to kill her Monday but he made it today," she said.

Wilson's granddaughter recently obtained a restraining order against Alvies. Investigators say he fired numerous times, hitting her once in the shoulder. The teenager's mother hasn't decided whether she would attend graduation.

William Alvies' sister told Eyewitness News she was surprised by what her brother is accused of, saying he's never been in serious trouble before. However, Alvies is scheduled to go on trial for auto theft and several misdemeanor crimes. By the end of the week, the 19-year-old is likely to face attempted murder and other serious criminal charges.