Arrested county treasurer released on bond

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The Delaware County prosecutor wants the county treasurer out of office and put in jail.

Treasurer John Dorer faces more than 40 criminal charges of mishandling millions of taxpayer dollars. Investigators said his office is in a financial disarray.

Dorer was charged with 46 felony crimes of failing to properly deposit public funds, theft and official misconduct. He bonded out of jail and is expected back at work, according to his chief deputy Charlotte Shepperd.

"We're certainly ready for him to reassume the role he's elected to do," added Shepperd.

A State Board of Accounts investigation determined that Dorer routinely took longer than the law allows to deposit millions of tax dollars into county bank accounts.

Three years ago, Dorer was picked up for OWI. The arresting officer found a bank deposit bag in the car, but no cash. Three days, later the money - nearly $70,000 - was deposited with no explanation.

Investigators said a witness once saw Dorer pull $80 from a cash drawer to pay a house keeper. Is anything else missing? Prosecutor Jeff Arnold said nobody knows.

"The State Board of Accounts says they are unable to tell whether or not funds are missing or have been stolen based on the disarray of the books," Arnold explained.

Norma Black has lived in Muncie most of her life and she's disappointed.

"It's awful to trust people and then you steal," Black said.

But in a community that's seen more than its share of public corruption and scandal, there's also a feeling of acceptance. Laura Meyers isn't surprised by the allegations.

"You expect it in Muncie. Everyone is staring to expect it. It's the way politics are," she said, shaking her head.

John Dorer was at home when Eyewitness News knocked on his door, but his girlfriend answered and insisted he was unable to talk.

Dorer's attorney denied all the charges. Donald McClellan said, "There is no money missing, no money stolen, no money embezzled." He attributes the delayed deposits to computer problems.

The criminal trial is scheduled for August. In the meantime, Dorer remains in office and on the job.

On the request of the State Board of Accounts, the prosecutor filed a separate civil suit aimed at removing him from office. There is no trial date set in that case.