Armed robbery caught on camera

Armed robbery caught on camera

Liquor store robbery

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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Indianapolis Metro Police want you to take a close look at two dangerous robbery suspects caught on camera firing a shot during a hold-up.

It happened last month at the 21st Amendment liquor store in the 3900 block of South Keystone Avenue. Investigators are looking at other business robberies to see if what happened there bears any similarities to those crimes.

Two gunmen rush in with weapons drawn, eventually ordering two employees around at gunpoint. In video from a different camera, as one robber keeps his gun on a male employee, the other orders a female employee to empty the cash register.

The robbers took both employees to the back office one at a time to get into the safe.

Although the suspects covered their faces, police believe if you look closely at their clothing, you may recognize what they're wearing.

"If they see an individual that they possibly know, possibly wearing a sweatshirt, wearing a jacket, that they know who they are, they need to call into Crime Stoppers so we can get these two individuals off the street," said IMPD Officer Aaron Hamer.

During the December 19th robbery, one of the suspects fired a shot in the direction of the employee he had down on the floor.

The two-man robbery happened just weeks before two robbers rushed into the 21st and Post Road Jordan's Fish and Chicken. Police found two employees shot dead in that case.

Checking for a connection here and in other robberies will be part of the investigation.

"Investigators will have to look at all the robberies that fit the descriptions of two individuals that would come into any business that appears to have that same height, weight ratio and they will have to look at every case," said Officer Hamer.

If you have any clues on who the suspects in this case might be, call the Crime Stoppers hotline anonymously at (317) 262-TIPS.

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