Apps help you reach your weight-loss goals

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If you've made a new year's resolution to lose weight, some apps can help you reach your goal.

Researchers say dieters who keep a food diary lose more weight, so you might want to try calorie county from My Fitness Pal. The free app works with the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7 Smartphones. It tracks nutrition information and allows you do custom reports on every bite you eat.

My Net Diary works with iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry phones. When entering food, it utilizes something called intelligent searching, offering suggestions after you enter a couple of characters. It "remembers" your favorites and quickly recalls them with just a few keystrokes. The massive food database is regularly updated.

Another free app is Spark People, which gives you access to a very popular online community of people trying to lose weight who organize around interests and geographic locations and share motivation, encouragement and inspiration. The company says its app offers the most detailed weight and calorie reports available anywhere.