Ape Week: Nicky

Ape Week: Nicky
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Nicky is bold, cooperative, easygoing, diligent and inquisitive.

Eat your peas!

How many times have you said that to your kids?

One orangutan at the Indianapolis Zoo isn't very fond of them, either.

Nicky doesn't like cooked peas. She prefers fresh peas and is lovingly stubborn.

“She's kind of a tough, stubborn orangutan," said Jon Pilarski, Area Manager of Primates. "I don't say that in a negative light at all. It's a very affectionate term for me."

Affectionate...of course!

How could you say no to those eyes?

Nicky is confident, and Pilarski says she does things when she wants to do them.

"We describe her as "t-u-f-f" tough. She's a very tough lady," he said.

That's not a bad thing, but her stubbornness means, everything is on her time.

She loves munching on lettuce, and lounging.

"Nicky loves to climb at the very top of the exhibit, and she’s always searching for any food items that may be hiding somewhere," said Primates Keeper Lisa Goodwin. "She also can be seen pushing straw across the floor from one side to the other side several times throughout the day trying to find the perfect spot to relax and take a nap (if Rocky lets her). Nicky loves to look right into your eyes when she is peeking at you through the windows on the visitors level."

Nicky is a quick learner and she's making fast friends with the other orangutans.

She's sweet, calm, and is always on the lookout.

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